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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 1, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> it was .03 of a percent short. i call it a tie. a sister kissing tie. a little bit of sunshine getting through mostly cloudy skies. you can see the sun bouncing off the white house there. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s thanks to light rainshower that is moved over the area. it cooled things off nicely. here is a look at the satellite picture. the rain is pushed out to sea. put the daytime heating in the atmosphere and we will cook up showers later this afternoon. it's not going to be a wash out of a day. temperatures near 80 degrees today. if you have tickets to go to the baseball game, we are going to sweep the phillies out of the washington area. 80 degrees at 1:30 when they throw the first pitch. >> sounds good.
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thanks, chuck. crews are looking for a missing kayaker in the potomac river. he disappeared yesterday afternoon while kayaking with his nephew. derrick ward joins us live with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, kimber kimberly. rescuers got back out on the water at 7:30 this morning in a search that started at midday yesterday. the kayaker is still, indeed, missing. it was late yesterday afternoon the search effort became a recovery effort. this is after eight hours of searching for the kayaker. the unidentified man was kayaking with his nephew. they were in separate kayaks. the nephew was recovered about ten minutes after he went in. search team from a number of
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local jurisdictions are taking part on the air and they are focusing their efforts on an area one mile south of the marina. the water is calm here. kayaking is generally safe when done safely. even then, thing ks go wrong. >> you can get away from a boat that you don't expect. you can get a gust of wind if you are not familiar with kayaking. you can flip yourself over with your own oar or lose your balance. >> reporter: we don't have missing identities of the kayakers. we know he's a 49-year-old man from prince george's county. his nephew, we believe to be a 19-year-old teen from prince george's county. the effort to find him continues. we are live, back to you. >> do we know if either of the kayakers were wearing life
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preservers or if they know how to swim? >> reporter: we don't know at this point. i imagine that will be part of the investigation. they must have an idea as they pulled one kayaker from the water. so far, that information has not been released publicly. >> all right. derrick ward live in alexandria. >> we have a warning about a dangerous prank. at least eight homemade chemical bombs have shown up since may. the bombs are found in weston and west springfield. no one has been hurt. some of the explosives have contained shredded aluminum. local teenagers are responsible for that. local teenagers are responsible for this. they are looking for people who really damage add virginia water park this weekend. the vandals struck early. look what they did to the water
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works at the park. the pwc park authority took the pictures and sent them to us. they broke into the park then the refrigerator and dumped food in the pool. dumped cigarette butts as well. the damage is so bad, the main pool has to be drained, sanitized and refilled. that will take at least 30 hours. >> infuriated at the fact someone did this to the park. i'm not mad at the fact that we had to clean this up. i was mad that someone had the audacity to do this. >> the damage will cost the park an estimated $16,000. it will be closed today while the pool is refilled. heads up if you ride metro. more fare increases take effect today. you'll pay a quarter more if you
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use a paper ticket. tomorrow, a new 20 cent peak of the peak fee during the week. the 20 cent increase will not apply to morning fares until later in the month. this is the third round of fare increases in six months. new today, dogs and their owners will have to pay to go for a walk. permits are required for dog owners to use five dog parks in montgomery county. it will cost $40 for county residents and non-resident $48 for the first dog. each additional dog is $5. it's 9:05 now. college students hitting the books can save money. we'll show you the new program that could save pennies on the dollar. former first daughter, chelsea clinton, a newlywed. we'll look at the gorgeous
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shop around for better deals on textbooks. borders and amazon upgraded their buyback programs. chelsea clinton is a newlywed. they exchanged vows yesterday afternoon. brian moore has more on what some are calling the event of the summer. >> reporter: surrounded bay small group of family and friends chelsea clinton said their i-dos. bill clinton and secretary of state hillary clinton, chelsea has never been much in the spotlight. ted danson was among 500 very close family friends invited in. >> joy. joy, joy. it's the best thing in the world. >> reporter: from the outside, there wasn't much to see.
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residents didn't mind. >> i'm amazing the president and secretary of state could raise a young teenage girl in the white house and she could turn out to be such a independent happy young woman. >> a happy life like every knewly wedded couple should have. >> reporter: a closely guarded a-list of guests was shuttled to tight security at the wedding. it's been an economic stimulus for the town. >> it's brought a lot of people to the town. it's helped out a lot. >> it puts us on the map. it's always been a great town. it's going to be better now. >> reporter: it's been called an american royal wedding, but a quiet one for a family that's lived in the public eye. >> it's nice to see the family happy and together. >> talk about pressure to get along with the inlaws. they come along with secret
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service. >> i think they are used to it. >> i think they are more savvy than those who grow up in a fish bowl. >> that's right. >> we are getting sun in the morning hours. i am concerned with a chance of showers. we'll talk about that on the other side of the break. ♪
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...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. it is dangerous habit that's illegal in the district and virginia. some drivers still send text messages while on the road. one company is promising a new solution. all you need is a smart phone. julie tam that has details. >> reporter: we see it more and more. people not willing to put down their phone, even while behind the wheel. >> distracted driver is one of the biggest causes of motor vehicle accidents, injury and
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deaths in the united states. >> reporter: at web safety, they created an app that blocks it while driving. >> it uses the gps and senses motion. >> reporter: when your car is going 10 miles per hour, the cell safety blocks all applications that connect you to the web and texting. >> it says blocked by motion. >> nearly half of all teenagers say they are distracted by texting while driving. >> parents are two times more likely to text than kids are. >> reporter: to reach out, web safety is partnering with dallas cops, an international soccer tournament that attracts more than 100,000 people. >> if the parents have the opportunity to protect their children, they will take that opportunity. >> reporter: before you think you can get around it, anytime someone trying to uninstall or
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shut it off or a variety of things, it sends an e-mail and text notification to the a administrator of the account. >> reporter: it works on most smart phones. web safety is working on software for the iphone. julie tam, nbc 5. >> julie is sitting where i want to know if you are the passenger, can you still use the phone without it shutting off? the company that has capability to prevent other driving risks among teens. parents can get alert ifs they go over the speed limit. forget big brother, big mother. >> boyfriend and girlfriend's address. that's the prohibited zone. parenting is getting tricky out there. >> i kind of like it. >> it's because you are a parent. >> i want to block access to my kid to anything.
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we need a little bit of sunshine out there. it's what we are getting in the morning hours. it will lead to showers by later this afternoon. this was the day you wanted to plan your outdoor picnic. make the plans. have your back up ready to go. the surest fire way to know you don't need it is have it red. 72 degrees is the current temperature. the dew point is 62. not terribly humid. as soon as the temperature goes up, that number will go down. i had.05 inch of rain last night. rainfall with the last system was, on average, about.1 inch of less. 9:00, temperatures 70 in martinsburg. 72 in frederick, maryland. up into western howard county, temperatures around the 70 degree mark. mid-70s alongside the bay. here is a look at the radar. nothing on the radar, yet.
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there are a few showers across portions of southern pennsylvania as i widen the view. if we add daytime heating with the moisture in the atmosphere, i think we are going to cook up a couple showers. none of the powerhouse thunderstorms like last weekend. that's welcome news. 60s and 70s around the east at this point and time. a little disturbance. brought the showers in late last night. it's moving away from us. there's plenty of dry air in ohio and indiana. it's the air trying to come in here. as a result, we are fighting the mix between drier air and sunshine and the low level moisture. that's the battle we are facing throughout the day today. the showers across pennsylvania will graze northern maryland and the west virginia mountains. the further south, the lower the rain chances. but, if you get a shower, fredericksburg, you are likely to have more of an intensity to
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the shower the further south you go. cloudy skies. tomorrow, again, we face the battle. the temperatures will be warmer tomorrow. it will cook up the chance for a thundershower, too. today, a cloudy and mild day. passing shower as possibility. not a wash out condition. it's welcome news. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. driving to the beach, cloudy. monday and tuesday look like winners with high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. a great week to have at the beaches. it's going to get steamy hot, again. 87 with a chance of passing shower. 94 on tuesday. 96 wednesday and 95 on thursday. before another weather front promises slightly cooler weather. we suffer the heat and humidity while trapped at work. >> just about time to clear out of d.c. for a month. >> i agree with that. >> thank you.
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albert haynesworth sits out of practice, again. it's not because of a test. news 4 lindsay czarniak has your sports. >> good morning, everybody. sports on this sunday morning begin with the redskins about to take the practice field. after two days of failing the conditioning test at redskins park, albert hains worth did not take the test yesterday. doctors recommended he not go through the test. he took the stationary bike to take it easy and settled into an afternoon of observing as they took the field for the second practice of the day. he was not able to participate with the team. he's not yet passed the conditioning test. he's increased participation as far as observing the drills. the defensive lineman is taking mental rests and participating in the afternoon meetings. shanahan wants haynesworth out
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there working as soon as posz blg. in the meantime, he wants to help him catch up on what he's missed and get him close to being ready to join his teammates on the field. >> my job is to make sure when albert finally practices, he's in football shape. what he's doing now, he got ten minutes of walk throughs, getting used to our terminology. he won't get a chance to be out with teammates until he passes the test. it's in his best interest. he has to be in football shape. knee is swollen. hopefully, it's not too bad. he can keep on conditioning and be out with the team in the future. >> he's been spending the afternoons after practice on the field for about 30 minutes. yesterday, he worked with defensive coordinator. meanwhile, third year wide receiver malcolm kelly took a break yesterday because of
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hamstring soreness from hell week. it's what camp donovan mcnabb invited them to. he was advised it wouldn't be a good idea to miss time. he's paying the price now as he reaggravated it and was forced to take it easy yesterday. he hopes to be on the field as soon as possible. he knows there are plenty of guys that would love a shot at his position. what is different is there are more than a couple seasoned vets added to the training camp roster like 19, bobby wade and galloway. the seasoned vet that could give the young guys a run for their money. regardless of the healthy competition, they pointed out the season depth they have is making each and every one of them stronger. >> together, we can show the younger guys how to play the game. together, we can show them, we
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can be there for them. i can't be there for all 11 or 12 guys if they are that new to the game. for those what played and been there long enough to give insight when we see something, it's easier to communicate. >> people say it's a lotto every year. if you don't believe in what you can do, you probably should be worried about it. i think everybody has to have a sense of urgency. at the same time, you go home and lay your head down. you have to lean on that. >> it's wide receiver malcolm kelly. he knows he has to fight for his spot this season. >> what's surprising to some is slugger adam dunn got his wish. he remains a washington national. they had plenty of interest, but no offers were taken. meanwhile, on the field, ryan zimmerman played the hero.
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a three-run walk off homer. the nationals have a chance to sweep the phillies. let's go to the park. adam dunn happy to remain with the team. his buddies picked him up. josh willingham, they call him the hammer. watch this. can't make the catch. nyjer morgan comes in to score. three runs. the nationals lead it, 3-2. desmond at the plate. lifts one into right field. look at dominic brown. lays out a beautiful diving catch. roger berndina scores. top of the ninth, tied at 4. facing ruiz with two outs. he drives one to right field. jayson werth scores. not too happy with the result.
9:25 am
the phillies take a 5-4 lead. who is going to get it. bottom of the ninth. ryan zimmerman. number 11. he's got a chance to be a hero. nats trail, 5-4. crushes one to center. take a look at ryan zimmerman's reaction when he hits the ball. no doubter, he knew it went. the nationals came back to win it, 7-5. bottom of th ninth. ryan zimmerman says man that feels good. >> we bla played to the end. we are looking to continue momentum. i think this week would be nice. we keep winning series, it's the goal. >> the nationals go for the sweep of the phillies this afternoon. it's going to do it this sunday morning. have a great day. thank you, lindsay. it's 9:25 now. 71 degrees. metro rail riders listen up.
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carry extra change to ride the train or better yet, how to save money as we break down the fare increases. the search continues for a kayaker missing on the potomac ♪
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all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. searchers are back out on the water looking for a missing kayaker. we are live with the search on the potomac river. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. it's sunday, august 1, 2010. all the news is ahead. first, we want to check on the forecast with chuck bell. there's a lot of sunshine out there. >> there is. there's bonus sunshine. it's going to warm things up maybe a little more than i
9:30 am
thought. maybe the low 80s rather than the upper 70s. it's all right. it's not 100 degrees. sunshine getting through. it's welcome news. there are some clouds left especially across northern maryland. temperatures are in the upper 60s and low and mid 70s in the area. 74 degrees at the naval academy. 70 degrees on the nose in inwood, west virginia. there's a satellite picture. the lump of showers. we are getting clearing and thin spots in the overcast for now. there are showers a little bit further to the north across southern pennsylvania. there's plenty of low level showers. keep that in mind. if you are going to the baseball game. they will play baseball today. it's welcome news. if you like the heat and humidity of august, you have to wait until tuesday. >> i haven't met many of those people. >> there's crazy ones out there.
9:31 am
>> thank you. crews are looking for a missing kayaker in the potomac river. he disappeared yesterday afternoon near the bell haven marina. derrick ward is joining us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the search continued this morning at 7:30. the kayaker is still missing. it was 12:45 yesterday afternoon when someone reported seeing two kayakers go into the potomac a mile south of the bell haven marina. one of the men was pulled out of the water about ten minutes after. it was the 19-year-old nephew. the other kayakers, identified as a 40-year-old male has yet to be found. dive teams and helicopters converged on the river late yesterday. the rescue effort became a recovery effort late yesterday. it means they are not expecting
9:32 am
to find the kayaker alive. little was known for sure about why the two kayakers ended up in the water. >> we don't know what distress they suffered. but, there was a third citizen on scene who was able to render assistance. he was able to get the 19-year-old to the shore. >> you can get away from a boat that you don't expect. you can get a gust of wind if you are not familiar with kayaking. you can put your oar in the water or lose your balance. >> reporter: now, we have no identities yet on the kayaker who was rescued or the one who remains missing. the man miss sg a 49-year-old resident of prince george's county. we are live. back to you. >> thanks for the update. montgomery police need help identifying a man. take a look at this sketch. police found the man on train
9:33 am
tracks. investigators believe he was hit by a train around 9:30 in the morn thag day. he was wearing dark blue running shorts, blue socks and white running shoes with gray and orange trim. he had a light gray shirt wrapped around a hand. they believe he was an avid runner who frequented the area. two dozen missing dogs and katds are safe after a wild ride. they were supposed to be at an adoption avent, but never made it there. they were picked up in summer duck, virginia early yesterday. they were supposed to get to the petsmart in falls church around noon. instead, they were at the dmv in vienna after 6:00 last night. the driver ran into a host of problems. first, she got lost, then her cell phone died. she didn't know what to do and ended up at the dmv. the organization reported the van as stolen. they plan on conducting a full
9:34 am
investigation as to why the driver didn't call them for eight hours. they are happy the animals are safe. >> i'm taking care of them. they were cooped up for a number of hours. it's atypical. we don't have them in a van that long. we let them run in the fields and do all the stuff that dogs do. >> the animals were taken back to the foundation. they will be up for adoption today in leesburg. possible signs of progress in the gulf. ken salazar says he's considering lifting or resooizing the ban on deep water drilling. that comes after tour of three offshore rigs this week. the ban is scheduled to last at least until november. he says it ban was the right call. some politicians say it's costing the industry jobs. s yesterday, alabama lifted swimming restrictions and
9:35 am
florida opened 23 miles for salt water fishing. with at least 66 deaths, july is the deadliest month in the almost nine-year war for u.s. troops. they have been warning that casualties may be on the rise. jim has been embedded with the 101st airborne division for two weeks witnessing it firsthand. >> ambush. >> reporter: under attack with nowhere to hide. >> don't step out. >> reporter: u.s. army sergeant greg lucas cheated death days ago. >> we were ten feet away and they started firing at us. how they didn't hit us, who knows. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: the second or strike brigade of the 101st airborne has seen at least 75 casualties since landing in the
9:36 am
hart of kandahar late may. already a big part of their battle is learning how to cope. >> we grieve together. rejoice together. the bonds you make in the good times help you get through to not so good times. >> reporter: cooling down, however they can from the 120 degree heat helps soldiers like adam wagner stay focused on the mission. >> we want to push through the villages and seek out the taliban and get rid of them. >> reporter: what about more casualties? >> i hope it doesn't come to us. ♪ >> reporter: still, flags are flying more often at half staff as they pay tribute to lost conra conrads. this time, florida board medic, michael winters.
9:37 am
many say this surge has just begun. there will be more fighting and dying ahead. nbc news, kandahar. it has been three -- one year, rather since three hikers were detained in iran. they are not budging on releasing them. they may face additional charges. on july 31 last year. iranian forces arrested them after they crossed from iraq into iran while hiking. they have maintained they are innocent. iran alleged they are u.s. spies. several free the hikers rallies were held across the country and the world yesterday. heads up if you ride metro in the d.c. area. pay a quarter more per trip if you use a paper ticket instead of a plastic smart trip card.
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a 20 cent peak of the peak fee between 4:30 and 6:00 each week. it will not apply to morning fares until later in the month. it's the third round of fare increases in six months. >> 70 degrees outside. we introduce you to a teen looking for a loving family. we have the story in this week's wednesday's child. are you looking for a great new work out? the latest craze called the jersey core to get great acts. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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often kids reach their teenage years holding out hope to have a family of their own. this week's wednesday's child turned 13 years old. on his list of things to accomplish, having a family at the top. >> hi, tyronn. >> hi. >> so good to seeing you. i was looking forward to meeting you. i hear you are interested in doing training. we met at the gym where we were welcomes by a trainer.
9:42 am
>> nice to meet you. he eesz -- he has lots of aspirations. he wants to be a success at whatever he tries. now, his mind is on sports. >> welcome to the studio. we will get started today. >> they started with stretches, then lungs. those who know him say he's grown up a lot since hi first came into foster care. >> he's active and engaging. he's outgoing. loves sports. >> how are you doing? >> he's doing great. doing great. got room for one more? >> need 15. >> you need 15? i'll give you 15. >> he tries to push himself to be better. >> i like to play football a lot. i like more hands on things. >> he especially liked climbing the rock wall at the gym.
9:43 am
>> nice and easy, one step at a time. >> when you get adopted and become a kid. >> he want as room of his own. and one more thing -- >> king-sized bed. >> the rate you are growing, you are going to need one. are you ready for football in. >> he's ready for football. a little more work. >> they had special gifts for him to take home and to show his appreciation, he was happy to show his new pumped up physique. >> there's a snapshot of the young man. if you have room in your home for tyronn or any of the children featured on wednesday's child, we are waiting for your call. it's 882-adopt-me. you can also log on to >> i have a feeling he's going to accomplish anything he wants to. >> with that smile, that
9:44 am
attitude. anyone that says he deserves a king-sized bed, good things are going to come for him. >> we are going to talk about the weather. >> we have a couple good things coming our way in the forecast. improved the forecast for today. >> great. >> it's welcome news. we'll talk about it, coming up.
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if you are a jersey shore fan, you might be surprised to learn there's a place in town to channel your inner jersey. washington sports club has a class designed to get you fit for the beach called the jersey core work out. john shows us the situation. >> you better buckle yourself in. >> snooki, the situation and the rest of the jersey shore cast are taking america on a wild ride since storming on the scene last year. now, you can do more than tune in to get your fix of gym tanned laundry. they have branded for the show. washington sports club that has gym part covered bringing a part
9:48 am
of the shore to fans called the jersey core work out. >> it's all about looking good. >> for 50 minutes, fans are put through a rigorous full body work out with one goal in mind. >> i was ripped abs. >> sure, why not. i put the work out to the test. we started building with a set of old fashioned push ups then turned up the intensity. the whole time, the ininstructor is yelling out jersey instructures. >> you have to chant jersey, jersey, jersey. then you are in the hot sand and the jumping jacks for notice me. you have to ul up your shirt and show off your abs. it was mixed with men and women. some had never seen the show before. >> it was great. i liked it. i definitely broke a sweat. worked all my muscles and i'm
9:49 am
feeling tired. >> ha would the class be without a little snooki. >> i tried the bump it. i tried it with the hair. when you are doing a cardiowork out, you have the fallen hair look. i got the earrings and my nails done and the bracelets. >> think you eyre ready for jersey shore? >> yeah. definitely. yeah. >> there was less spandex than i counted on. >> and there was no bleeping. >> we didn't show those parts. >> getting all that out. >> you should have heard john afterwards. no. >> no kidding. my abs are sore. good looking day today. >> to show off the abs. >> yeah. you don't take the pale white guy to the beach. plenty of sunshine coming out there now. it will lead to clouds by later this afternoon. as you'll see on the new and
9:50 am
improved seven day forecast, i'm more optimistic about how nice of a day it's going to be. over downtown washington, plenty of sunshine gets through a partly cloudy sky this morning. temperatures are on the way up. looking up to the north, you can see the little fluffy clouds. i can't completely take the rain chances out of the forecast. there's so much moisture. add a little august sunshine and we might bubble up a shower or two. for now, all is clear and smooth sailing out there. 72 degrees for the temperature. hardly a breeze to be found across the area. 69 degrees in vienna. 73 in winchester. opal and virginia 72 degrees. 72 degrees in maryland. here is a check at the radar. a couple sprinkles on the mason dixon line in gettysburg area.
9:51 am
all the moisture may bubble up showers for later on. keep it in the back of your mind. only the unluckiest of outdoor cookers will have to worry about the showers. just a quick 15 or 20 min shower is all we may be facing. most of the rain we are going to get has come and gone. it's offshore. the cooling clouds and showers around early this morning will hold temperatures today into the upper 70s to low 80s. a nice break from the heat continues for one and a half more days. tomorrow, the area of high pressure moves away. we lose the easterly influence from the ocean. as a result, temperatures will be closer to average back into the mid and upper 80s. a few spots close to 90 degrees. the ugly summer heat we have been enduring is coming back, at least in part as we get to the middle of the week. here is the improvement.
9:52 am
partly cloudy. one to two showers likely. headed to the beach. not bad beach weather, but better for the middle of the week. a 30% chance for a shower. same story for tomorrow. mid-90 temperatures come back to the area for tuesday, wednesday and thursday with heat indexes back up near 100. >> okay. >> focus on the good stuff. >> thanks, chuck. coming up, a final look at the top stories and what's to come for the rest of the day.
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good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, this was a tough week on the afghanistan front. the president chose to take ownership of the war. his own democrats in congress show signs they may split with the president. growing numbers are voting know on more funding and jim webb is demanding congress approve further funding. democrats declared they will link all republicans to the tea partiers. is it a killer for any republican? join me and dan rather, for some
9:57 am
very smart analysis. now, for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here is david gregory. >> thanks. good morning. coming up this morning, afghanistan, the leaking of secret war documents. why is this a threat to u.s. soldiers? the president's top military adviser talks about why he thinks it is. the economy, if this is recovery summer, why does it still feel like recession? three key voices weigh in. ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
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progress is saving tax payers millions of dollars, with the help of visa digital currency. which lets troy reiners, manager of nebraska's child support payment center, put money into pre-paid visa accounts for just a penny... instead of mailing out checks for 59 cents each. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress.
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